Adamsville church posts sign that finds humor to 59/20 construction project


JEFFERSON CO, Ala (WIAT) — The Interstate 59/20 bridge work is expected to be a traffic headache and some folks are already preparing for the worst. 

“Take your time, slow dow, you want to get there in one piece, better to get their in one piece than not at all,” said Margaret Espie, a driver. 

“Just gonna try to sneak around it,” said Justice Evans, another driver.

At Adamsville Church of Christ, they are trying to make light of the situation, so the assistant minister put a quote outside that said, “Thankful ALDOT didn’t plan the way to heaven. No one would get there.”

Assistant Minister Nate said this is not meant to poke fun of ALDOT because he appreciates all the work they are doing. 

“Everything I do whether it’s humorous or more serious, I try to include that spiritual aspect about the father, heaven and a place we all want to be together,” said Nate. 

He said a lot of his church members take that route daily, so he knows it is a big topic. 

“We have a lot of people that go downtown to UAB and St. Vincents to doctor, a lot of people that work down there so there will be quite a few peole that will be affected,” said Nate. 

That is why he made the sign, to remind people that the bridge shutdown is miniscule compared to other thing. 

“If we can’t laugh at ourselves then who can we really laugh at? We have to be able to laugh at our own mistakes and laugh at how things turn out if we take everything seriously, everything literal, then it’s going to be a lot harder,” said Nate. 

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