ALABAMA (WHNT) – Two Alabama HBCUs are only 6 months away from the largest classic in the state. However, Alabama A&M (AAMU) has not agreed to its final terms with the Magic City.

The annual rivalry between AAMU and Alabama State (ASU) football teams, better known as the Magic City Classic, will draw thousands to Legion Field in Birmingham.

The time has come for both universities to renew their contracts with Birmingham. The agreements would secure the classic game each year at Legion Field until 2026. reports ASU has signed the newest four-year agreement between the City of Birmingham and the Alabama Sports Council that would provide each school with over a million dollar payout — the highest in the classic’s history.

The Bulldogs, on the other hand, are a little more reluctant to sign.

AAMU General Counsel Rochelle Conley wrote a letter to Birmingham’s Mayor Randall Woodfin on April 18th.

In it, she states they found an “unreasonable” provision, preventing either university from entering an agreement with a third-party location to host the next classic game for up to 90 days following the 2026 game.

A request for an amended agreement from the mayor’s office has not yet been sent. A second letter from Conley was sent to the Alabama Sports Council.

The game is scheduled for Saturday, October 29th.