PINSON, Ala. (WIAT) — The difficulties for Randa Ragland and her family have intensified this week. Ragland made headlines earlier in the month after a neighbor mailed her a rude note which told her to clean up her yard while her three-year-old son, Jaxen, battles stage four cancer.

In response to that rude note, the community pitched in to help clean up her yard. The group now calls themselves “Jaxen’s Army for Justice” and has members around the world.

Wednesday, Ragland told CBS 42 that she and her family are leaving their Pinson home and staying in a hotel. This decision was made in response to the findings of a microbial laboratory fungal analysis report that one of the volunteers had administered.

Per staffers with Safety Environmental Laboratories and Consulting, who performed the analysis, a typical surface sample has somewhere between 500 and 1000 spores of mold per square centimeter. One sample from Ragland’s basement had over one million spores, which could pose a danger to “susceptible” individuals.

Ragland tells CBS 42 that Jaxen’s doctor fears the spores could be harmful to him due to his medical condition and told the family they should leave the home immediately.

“As a parent, when your kid’s sick, you already feel bad,” said Ragland. “But then, to know that you’ve had them in something like this and it helped make their sickness worse or made it harder for them to get better — that just makes you feel worse.”

This development comes just days after volunteers strapped on hazmat suits and breathing masks to clean her basement. Ragland explains that were it not for the rude note she received and all of the subsequent support from the community, she would have probably never known the extent of the mold problem.

Now, Ragland and her family have to effectively start from scratch.

“We’re looking for a place to stay, we need new furniture, new beds — I mean we literally have to start over,” said Ragland. “Everything. It’s time to start over.”

The Go Fund Me page raising money to assist with Jaxen’s medical bills has now exceeded $20,000. Donations of clothes and school supplies are still being accepted.

Anyone that might be able to rent a four-bedroom property is encouraged to reach out to Kimberly Quick at