A man shoots a hotel manager after crashing into a liquor store


CALHOUN COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT)– A man reportedly fired shots at an Econolodge manager and a woman as they went to check on him after he struck the Liquor King store in his truck.

According to Calhoun County Sherrif’s Office, this morning at approximately 6:49 a.m., 36-year-old Robert Guiford of Panama City was traveling south on Highway 21 when his Ford F-150 left the roadway striking the Liquor King and causing extensive damage.

The manager of the Econolodge and a female driver witnessed the incident and went to assist Guiford. He then began firing shots inside his vehicle. When he exited the vehicle he shot the Econolodge manager in the leg for no known reason.  Guiford then ran towards the other side of the highway. He fired shots until his weapon was empty and he threw in the road.

A deputy in the area apprehended Guiford after the incident.

Guiford admitted to being high on methamphetamine drugs which were the result of his assault against people checking on him after his traffic accident. 

The gunshot victim was transported to NEARMC with a wound to his leg.  The female was uninjured. 

This is an ongoing investigation and the charges against Guifold will be set Monday. 


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