6.4 Magnitude Earthquake hits southern California leaving behind downed power lines and damage


(CBS) – Update: 2:00 p.m. A massive 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Southern California, leaving several buildings damaged, downed power lines, water main breaks and rock slides.

Authorities say there are at least 24 medical and fire incidents reported at this time due to the Earthquake. Officials say over 900,000 people are without power at this time. This is being called the strongest quake in Southern California since 1999.

WATCH: San Bernardino, Ridgecrest Officials hold a press conference about a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Southern California

WATCH: USGS Officials hold a press conference with the latest on the 6.4 magnitude earthquake

12:30 p.m. – We are following breaking news of a 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake hitting California.

Authorities say it happened Thursday afternoon. The Epicenter is Southwest Searles Valley. It was reportedly felt in Los Angeles and even Las Vegas.

WATCH: USGS Officials speak after a massive 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake hits Southern California. Crews are headed out to survey damage.

According to San Bernardino County Fire and Rescue, crews are out surveying the damage reports. They say multiple buildings have minor cracks, broken water mains, downed power lines and even rock slides on certain roads in the area.

Many residents report, items in their homes and businesses fell out of place during the shocks of the earthquake. Some people are reporting windows and glass breaking from the aftershocks. USGS officials say over 30 aftershocks have been felt since the Earthquake hit a little over an hour ago.

WATCH: A look over Los Angeles, California as aftershocks are being reported as far as Las Vegas, Nevada.

Authorities say some areas are receiving reports of building damage. No injuries reported at this time. Crews are on the scene checking for any damage. Officials say the aftershocks that people are feeling in the area, will continue for quite some time.

A look at Los Angeles and Las Vegas as aftershocks continue after a 6.4 Earthquake

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