2 separate 18-wheelers crash on I-65 Thursday, drivers urged to slow down


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Two 18-wheelers crashed on I-65 one mile apart within several hours of each other. Thankfully, no injuries were reported at either incident.

The accidents happened between Green Springs and Alford Avenue. Both were caused by the wet road conditions.

Several truck drivers, like Greg Shirk, say people should always pay attention behind the wheel, especially when road conditions aren’t ideal.

“You don’t have time to take your eyes off the road,” Shirk said.

A viewer caught one of the wrecks on video which showed the 18-wheeler feet away from hitting them.

“All you got to do is drive to find out how quick something can happen,” Shirk said.

Shirk believes it was more than the wet conditions that caused one of the crashes. He provided several tips on how truck drivers and everyone else can stay safe during bad weather.

“Keep your distance. The worse the weather gets, the more distance you keep. You try to keep to yourself, but there is so much you can do,” he said.

Birmingham Battalion Chief Sebastian Carillo says keeping a safe distance is highly important, especially after Thursday’s accidents.

“If it’s difficult to stop a loaded 18 wheeler on dry pavement, it becomes that much more difficult to stop it on wet pavement,” Carillo said.

Shirk says distracted drivers are also a hazard to roadways, which is why he encourages people to stay off their phones while driving.


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