Michigan woman celebrates 103rd birthday with first tattoo, motorcycle ride


(CNN NEWSOURCE) — A Michigan woman has marked her 103rd birthday by getting inked.

After spending months in isolation during a coronavirus lockdown at her nursing home, Dorothy Pollack, who celebrated her birthday in June, decided to check off some bucket list items.

“COVID-19 had her in prison for months,” her granddaughter Teresa Zavitz-Jones told CNN, referring to the nursing home lockdown.

Weeks after being discharged, Pollack decided she wanted a tattoo. So she got one: a frog.

The grandmother said frogs are the one thing she loves more than beer and burgers.

The tattoo artist said he didn’t see her flinch once, saying she took the needle like a champ.

After the tattoo, which Pollack said she “absolutely” loves, she crossed something else off her list: a motorcycle ride.


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