HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — A regular Target run turned into a test of one 10-year-old’s integrity when he found an envelope full of money left in an aisle.

Friday, January 3, Foster Dudley and his mother, Parisa, were shopping at Target in Hoover when they walked down an aisle near the pharmacy and Dudley Foster made a discovery – an envelope.

The envelope was filled with nine $100 bills and a bank receipt with the owner’s name on it.

“It would’ve been cool to keep, but if I did keep it that wouldn’t be good for the lady,” Foster Dudley said.

While observing the bank receipt, Parisa and Dudley Foster realized the ower of the $900 withdrew majority of their money out of the bank. They knew they had to do the right thing.

Not sure of how to return it to the rightful owner, Parisa and Dudley Foster held onto it until they could return it to the bank. However, the bank was closed. Instead, the two got in contact with the Target manager, Jeremy Walker, and Hoover Police.

It was not long after that they were able to reach Verdina Ball, the woman who had misplaced her envelope in Target. The two met on Sunday.

Target made the reunion a special occasion as Foster Dudley met Ball for the first time to give her back the money. He gave her the envelope with the $900 and the two shared a hug and a smile.

“It was awesome to give her the money back,” Foster Dudley said. “I felt very proud of myself and happy that I gave it back and I felt very powerful after I did it.”

In fact, Target gifted him with a $100 gift card for showing good character and returning the money. Foster Dudley said he learned a valuable lesson about integrity through his experience.