The Mercy Project has helped around 30 people in Walker County

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WALKER COUNTY, Ala (WIAT) — In January, the Walker County Sheriff’s Office started the Mercy Project, a program that helps drug addicts get into rehab. It comes at no cost to the patient or the taxpayers.

TJ Armstrong with the Walker County Sheriff’s Office said it isn’t a trick. You come to the sheriff’s office, surrender your drugs, and simply ask for help. They’re able to do this because of their partnerships with local rehabilitation centers who offer scholarships.

“When people come in, we interview them and tailor-plan a program that will help them achieve sobriety and then also build a new life on top of that sobriety, whereas, they may not be able to afford it to begin with,” said Armstrong.

Amanda Cole enrolled in the Mercy Project four and a half months ago. She’s in a six-month program at New Life Fellowship in Winfield, Marion County.

“I had given up, and when my kids couldn’t make me happy, that’s when I decided I needed help. So I went to my best friend and she was looking at different rehabs and everything, and I think that’s when the Walker County Sheriff’s Office had started putting [The Mercy Project] on Facebook and she sent it to me and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll try it out,'” said Cole.

Amanda said she feels like a completely different person, and when she finishes the program in September, she plans to move to Winfield, keep going to church, and show her kids the mother she truly is.

“They got their mommy back, because they lost her,” said Cole.

Armstrong said they don’t care about your past, they only are concerned about your future. And if you ask for help, they will lend a hand.

“I probably would think it was a trick at first, but once people do the research and see the numbers and see the testimony of people who have actually came in, then they realize it’s not and we really do care,” said Armstrong.

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