CrossFit brings father, son together

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PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — In this week’s Living Well with Michelle, Randy and Clay Rysedorph are bonding through fitness. The father-son duo joined More Fire CrossFit in Pelham with specific goals in mind.

Randy is aiming to improve his overall health. But the time spent getting fit alongside his son is invaluable.

“I know that the window is getting less and less with Clay, because at some point he’ll be going off to college,” said Randy. “It’s just a win-win all the way around.”

Clay values pushing physical limits with his dad, too.

“It’s really nice,” said Clay. “I get to spend time with him and make memories with him.”

Clay started at More Fire with recovery in mind. He suffered a knee injury that his dad feared would affect his high school soccer career.

“With Clay to almost have his dream shattered,” said Randy. “Fast forward two months now he made junior varsity.”

The quick recovery is thanks to physical therapy and CrossFit training.

More Fire owner and trainer Andrew Jones is trying to change the idea that CrossFit is hard on the body. In some cases, he says it can help the healing process.

“The thing that’s most challenging about crossfire is that you will change,” said Jones. “You have to set expectation for yourself, because it will bring challenge, but it’s a forging of fitness.”

While each person approaches their own fitness journey with a personal goal in mind, the group of gym-goers feels like a team because they all work hard alongside one another.

“You can realize or recognize the person that someone is, no matter what y’all may hold,” said Jones. “Whether it’s male female, whether it’s black white. That’s just special.” 

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