Breastfeeding support group for mothers of children with special needs

Living Well with Michelle

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — In this week’s “Living Well with Michelle,” Michelle went to Children’s of Alabama to learn about a new breastfeeding support group for mothers of children with special needs.

“Breastfeeding is difficult, and it’s really difficult,” lactation program manager Jeanette Twa said. “And I think sometimes there’s this error that it’s east, it’s breezy, you can feed anytime, anywhere, and that’s just not always the case, and especially if you have a child with special needs.”

Babies dealing with things like cardiac issues, gastrointestinal problems and muscular disease can experience complications breastfeeding.

The group is for mothers of newborns to 12-month-olds. A dietitian and lactation consultant are present at the meetings.

“It really can be isolating when, if you have friends with healthy newborns or newborns that are making their developmental strides, and your child may not be,” Twa said.

Twa says her hope for the group is for mothers to not feel alone, but instead feel uplifted through shared experiences.

Tiffany Campbell knows the power a support group can have. Like many mothers, she struggled with the physical and emotional demands of breastfeeding her daughter.

“Sometimes those late nights when you’re sleep-deprived, you can feel like ‘I’m the only Mom that’s ever felt like this,’ and you’re not,” Campbell said.

For Campbell, she found comfort in knowing she was not alone after joining Chocolate Milk Mommies.

Groups like these are helping mothers uplift one another.


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