BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Birmingham Police Department is the lead agency in the investigation of the abduction of Kamille McKinney.

10/23 – 4 p.m. The city of Birmingham and Mayor Woodfin hold a vigil for Cupcake and her family

The BPD is getting a lot of support from other law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.  Former FBI agent Jack Owens joined Anchors Art Franklin and Alissa Rothermich to give insight into the abduction investigation (watch video above). Owens is not part of the McKinney investigation. 

Sunday Birmingham police conducted a grid search in the community for Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney.

Owens explained, “A grid search is normal, routine and takes place near where the crime took place. I would like to have the K-9 unit involved, perhaps. I think it’s a wonderful lead.”

When shown the new surveillance video, Former FBI Agent Owens shared his perspective.

“It’s very interesting that he moved with authority and confidence toward those two children and they’re listening to him,” Owens said. “He’s talking to them and they’re paying attention to him.  Apparently, he quickly established their confidence and they got comfortable with him. It is disturbing as we all tell our children not to talk or deal with strangers.”

Owens took note of the children’s response to the stranger in the video.

“The children might have seen him before. Maybe minutes before, became quite comfortable with him. They’re near their home. They feel good about standing there. They’re used to it, they were playing there and they feel protected and they were protected up until this point,” Owens explained. “And notice how they move… I’ve watched this many, many times and I keep looking for something. That film doesn’t tell me anymore than that they got. It’s disturbing.”

Owens notes the importance of public assistance in this investigation and search for Cupcake.

“The public is paramount in helping police find this person or persons. A kidnapping in law enforcement is a full core press; all agents, all policeman work kidnappings,” Owens said. “There is such anxiety in law enforcement to move quickly, to make good decisions quick, to get her back and to do that with much community involvement.”

Owens is confident in the ability of the Birmingham Police Department.

Anyone with information related to Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney’s kidnapping is urged to contact Birmingham Police at (205) 297-8413. Tips may also be directed to Crime Stoppers at (205) 254-7777. Those wishing to contribute to Crime Stoppers’ reward may donate by calling (205) 224-5003.

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