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Home for the Holidays

This Home for the Holidays article is sponsored by Alabama Professional Services.

Alabama Professional Services is one of the longest running, family-owned pest control companies in the State of Alabama. They have offered custom pest control services in the Birmingham area for residential and commercial customers since 1977, and they continue to put their expertise to use to get the situation under control and minimize the damage done to your property.

Over the years Alabama Professional Services has gained a reputation for offering exceptional services that you can trust. Craig Williams is the third-generation owner of the fast growing, eighty-four employee company.

“Every technician is highly qualified to handle a variety of pest problems. Alabama Professional Services conducts regular employee training classes to keep our company at the cutting edge of pest control and prevention,” said Roger House, Vice President of Sales and Operations. “We offer a myriad of service options including the elimination of pests, termites, lawn and lawn maintenance, and foundation work to level, lift or otherwise stabilize your home.”

Alabama Professional Services believes that your home should always be a place of comfort, free from unwanted pests. Because most pest problems come from the outside, your technician will focus on these areas using methods and materials proven to be effective over a long period. Many times exterior service can be an effective means of control. Now that it’s winter, you may feel like you can relax a little and not worry about destructive termite infestation, even in our buggy Alabama. But is that a false sense of security? Can termites still invade your home in the dead of the winter?

Surprisingly, not all insects die off or go into hibernation during the winter months. They have all sorts of survival strategies to make it through the cold. When the temperature drops, outside termites aren’t as active as they were during the rest of the year, but they aren’t dormant. Unlike other types of insects, termites don’t hibernate for the winter. Instead, they retreat to their nest to ride out the freezing temperatures. If you do need a technician to address a particular pest problem inside your home, just give Alabama Professional Services a call at 205-951-9717. Alabama Professional Services uses environmentally safe products with their treatments. Termites cause more property damage than all fires, floods and windstorms combined. Don’t let termite damage destroy your largest investment.

Like any fast growing company, Alabama Professional Services is looking for experienced, talented people to join their company. Currently the company is in need of an accounts professional who will support the construction project team and also in accounting and billing. In addition, they are seeking to recruit construction workers, pest control technicians, and several other divisions including the Foundation. Prior experience in the industry is not required because the company will provide training. Call Laura Perez at 205-951-9717 to apply. You will find services provided by Alabama Professional Services on their website,, and on Facebook,

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