Real estate team fundraising to donate college scholarships

Good News

VESTAVIA, Ala. (WIAT) — When you look around Terry Mills’s office, his life looks like a fairy tale.

However, most fairy tales start with loss and struggle and Mills’s story has not always been easy to write. ​

The McAdory High School graduate studied criminal justice at UAB and spent nine years working in the parole industry for a local company in the private sector. But after those nine years, he was laid off. That is when he turned to real estate and joined Keller Williams Vestavia.

Mills has since received numerous awards and he and his team decided to find a way to share their blessings. That is why they decided to start fundraising for college scholarships.

“We’re always thinking of ways to give back,” Mills said. “And so the scholarship fund is something that my team and I did we said ‘Hey why don’t we figure out a way to give back and impact people’ and, you know, it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Mills played football at UAB, but did not have an athletic scholarship, so that led to a tough choice that he hopes he can help future students avoid.

“Because I was an athlete, I couldn’t get a job either and the struggle was real,” he said. “People think athletes and college students have it made and they don’t. Like it was at a point where my mom’s like ‘Either go play football or get a job.’ So other than that I did my part. And so I had to let it go and get a job and that’s how I finished college — but, yeah, any help you can give students nowadays it’s going to be great.”

​In addition to fundraising for the scholarships, Mills and his team also contribute a portion of each of their closing checks to the fund.

“To me, it’s more about like legacy I want to be one of those people like when I die [people ask] ‘What did Terry Mills do besides just sell a bunch of houses?’ I feel like God is giving me a bigger purpose and he’s giving me this platform for something bigger than myself so that’s really what it is,” he said.

Their fundraising efforts began in 2019. The team has raised $6,000 that will be distributed evenly between six students this spring. The team will begin accepting applications for the next round of scholarships in the summer.


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