Photographer on a quest to capture all of Birmingham’s murals

Good News

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A Birmingham photographer is on a mission to document and photograph all murals in the city and surrounding area.

Viktoria Havasi started her Instagram and Facebook pages about two years ago. As her following grew, so did the number of murals in Birmingham’s communities.

In early September, she made an interactive Google Map that shows where to locate them. She’s documented more than 170 so far, and already has a list of 50 more to photograph.

Havasi said she’s thankful people can still go appreciate this type of outdoor artwork in a time many museums and galleries are closed.

“A lot of murals are in public spaces, so you can just go there,” Havasi said. “You just take a picture, you don’t have to pay for it. You can enjoy it. It’s something anyone can appreciate.”

Havasi also works as a researcher at UAB. She said she’s glad her hobby can help spread the work about the growing number of murals here. She always likes to give credit to the artists to help them become better-known.

The interactive Google Map can be found on her Facebook page, “Murals of Birmingham.”


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