Line dance ministry celebrates 5 year milestone

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — The 6th Avenue Sliders is a local line dance ministry that is celebrating a five-year milestone.

The group is made up of members and non-members from 6th Avenue Baptist Church in Birmingham. The ages in the group range from young mothers to senior citizens, but they have one thing in common, their love to dance.

Every Saturday, this group busts a move with a group they call family.

“We love each other. Our motto is we pray, we dance, and we sweat,” said Lois Germany, the president and founder of the 6th Avenue Sliders.

“We believe a person is a spirit, soul and body and our body is our temple so if we want to be the best person we can be, we have to take care of our bodies,” said Pastor John Cantelow III with 6th Avenue Baptist Church.

More than 60 members are making dancing their exercise and their time to bond with loved ones.

“When he first came over here, he was the spotlight. Everybody noticed because he is a smooth dancer and after that it was on,” said Carla and Fred Drake, who have been dancing with the 6th Avenue Sliders for four years.

“She kind of gets mad at me from time to time because she knows I’ll go off on another tangent with the dance,” said Alan Hudson.

His wife, Alverna, said, “He likes to do his own thing sometimes but we bring him back into the group.”

Some of the dancers are there to show the world they’ve still ‘got it’.

“They say oh you don’t like 77, really? You don’t look 77 at all and I just go ‘woot!’ ‘woot!’,” said Cecelia Williams, a 6th Avenue Slider.

This group is showing that a pivot, a cha-cha, and a slide can spin their life around.

“My blood pressure has gone down because I do suffer from hypertension,” said Williams.

“I have dropped about 22 pounds,” said Alan Hudson.

But what’s keeping them around is the comradery.

“I feel so welcomed and it’s just a wonderful feeling. They’re warm and affectionate,” said Jackie Tally, a 6th Avenue slider.

The 6th Avenue Sliders had a song written and choreographed for them by local professionals. The song is called “6th Avenues Slide” and was produced and written by DJ Maestro from Bombz Music Entertainment. The choreography is by Kimberly Renee.

The 6th Avenue Sliders meets every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at 6th Avenue Baptist Church. Anyone is invited to come dance.

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