Getting Warmer: Unlikely Prey

Getting Warmer

Investigators searching for serial rapist in East Alabama

October 02 2021 06:00 pm

This is Episode 1 of Getting Warmer: Heating up Alabama’s Cold Cases, a four-part series only on

TALLADEGA COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — A rapist targeting elderly women has been on the prowl for at least seven years.

One of his victims, “Jane,” has waited over six years for justice after she was attacked inside her home in Munford, a small town in Talladega County.

She recalls Sunday, July 28, 2013 vividly.

[I] lost everything, and he took that away from me.

“Jane,” rape victim

The then 67-year-old widow started her day at church, attended a Sunday school party, and returned home.

Investigators say they believe she was targeted by the unknown suspect.

“I think he was either there or right behind her when she came in, but we found some evidence where he may have parked around the back of her house and waited for her to come home,” says now retired investigator Geno Sharp.

“Jane” says the suspect knocked on her door under the ruse of selling books. Then, he forced his way into the home and sexually assaulted her.

She contacted the Talladega County Sheriff’s Office immediately afterward. Investigators have since been able to use Jane’s description of the attacker to create sketches.

The most recent sketch (below) was released in December 2018.

Talladega County Sheriff’s Department flyer

During the initial investigation, law enforcement learned “Jane” was not the first victim.

Investigators learned an 82-year-old woman in Calhoun County was sexually assaulted at her home in July of 2012. The circumstances were similar, and the DNA left behind was the same.

Captain Mike Jones with the TCSO says they reached out to several other law enforcement agencies across east Alabama. He says they learned of similar circumstances in other counties, but there’s not enough concrete evidence to say other cases are connected.

Sharp calls the details of this case disturbing.

“Knowing she is there alone and knowing that when she comes home she is likely going to be alone, too. I think it’s not just random. He’s working on this.”

What kind of monster would do this to elderly women? I don’t know how many he raped before us, or how many he has raped since, but he is a coward.

“Jane,” rape victim

She says forgiveness is hard to come by, knowing the man is still unidentified and on the loose.

Investigators are desperate to positively identify the man, and Sharp says he hopes it happens soon.

“We know there will be another victim, just don’t know if it’ll be a rape victim or homicide victim next time, and that’s definitely something that we don’t want.”


There is a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Talladega County Sheriff’s Office at 256-362-2748 or leave an anonymous tip on their website Tips may also be directed to Crime Stoppers at 256-238-1414 or the Alabama Attorney General’s cold case hotline at 866-419-1236. 


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