Central AL Forecast: Storms Tomorrow Night; Staying Warm This Week


RIGHT NOW: Coming off a rainy start to the week in Alabama.  Had a batch of thunderstorms this morning, which produced some minor tree & roof damage in Fayette County, specifically at the Fayette Country Club.  Otherwise, there were no further reports of damage from these storms.

Those storms this morning dropped around 1” of rain at the Birmingham airport.  Other areas North of I-20 picked up about 1 to 2” of rain since yesterday. This afternoon, the rain has gradually tapered off, and overcast skies are still hanging above the region.

TONIGHT: Some light showers possible, cloudy skies remain.  Winds will gradually shift from East to South tonight, funneling in more moisture for some isolated showers.  No widespread rain is expected. Temperatures staying relatively mild with lows expected in the low 60s.

TOMORROW: Passing clouds with pockets of sun.  Warm & breezy. TWO WAVES of strong storms in North AL.  As we sit in the warm sector of a developing low-pressure system to the Northwest, highs will be notably warm (upper 70s) as a Southwest wind prevails…15 to 20 mph sustained, gusts to 25 mph.

That same low-pressure system will prompt a low-end risk for strong storms tomorrow.  The most favorable environment for storms will be to our North in the Tennessee Valley, while those of us farther South will probably not have enough upper-level energy South of the low for storms to turn severe.

IF they do turn severe, here’s an outline of our risks:

Damaging wind–Medium (60 mph gusts possible)

Large Hail–Medium (quarter-sized, or 1″, possible)

Tornadoes–Low (isolated, one or two possible)

Flooding–Very Low

Right now, the main timeframe would be from about 5 PM to 10 PM, with the storms entering West AL at 5ish to exiting into Georgia at 10ish.

WEDNESDAY: Sunshine returns, warm temperatures continue.  Drying out as this next system swiftly moves East and dry air moves in behind it.  Expect a dry day with a few clouds. Overall, pretty solid day! Morning lows in the 60s, afternoon highs in the mid 70s.

REST OF THE WEEK: Very warm!  Dry conditions persist.  As a strong upper-level ridge develops over the Gulf, temperatures will rise well above-normal for both Thursday & Friday.  It will be coolish in the morning (60s), but in the sunshine we’ll climb easily into the 80s.

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