After six seasons, the last grand prize winner of The eCO Savings Race was revealed Monday night as Team Creekmore.

“I’m excited. I’m super blown away! We just didn’t expect all this,” Jamie said.

“This is wonderful! I want to thank you guys so much,” Carol said.

For the 6th edition of the eCO Savings Race alone, teams have improved their financial pictures by a combined $120,000!  In total, of the past six seasons, families and individuals have improved their financial pictures by over $496,000.

“Our four finalist teams have been incredible,” said eCO Credit Union’s Melissa Stewart. “They’ve all been so open and honest about their struggles and triumphs during the race.”

– LaTasha Toney showed us that you don’t have to be married to get your finances in order.

– Team Shepherd showed us how to stay positive, and centered, even when the unexpected happens.

– Team Creekmore showed us what can happen when you communicate openly with your spouse about your finances.

– Team Sproul showed us that even during a domestic adoption and, it is still possible to stay focused on your finances.

Over the past six years of the eCO Savings Race, The eCO Credit Union has helped impact thousands of lives while improving financial literacy in our community.

“The eCO Savings Race has been an incredible journey. The credit union was originally founded as an educator’s credit union.  And we saw a huge need for financial literacy with students.  So we talked with CBS 42 and we worked together and they approached us with the eCO Savings Race idea,” Stewart said.

Stewart says the eCO Savings Race has helped the credit union reach individuals and families in our community who want to improve their finances.  “It’s been incredible to partner with CBS 42 because it allows us to extend far beyond the teams that we’re working with to where the community and the viewers see and learn at home as well,” said Stewart.

Watching the teams grow during each race from the beginning of the season to the end is one of the elements that Stewart will miss the most.

“You can see their eyes, and their face and their demeanor change as they realize ‘I can do this.’ While the eCO Savings Race is coming to a close, it is not the end. eCO Credit Union is here to help support our community and provide financial education. Our doors are open for you,” Stewart said.

CBS 42 would like to thank the eCO Credit Union for a wonderful 6 seasons of the eCO Savings Race, and we want to thank our CBS 42 viewers for going on this journey with us.