Make A Wish kids get their dream to go to the National Championship


SAN JOSE, Calif. (WIAT) — It was the trip of a lifetime for a few Make A Wish kids. 

They participated in media day and watched their favorite team, players, and coaches be interviewed right in front of them.

“I asked them in October and they said well how do you know Alabama is going to go and I said because they’re the best team,” said Anthony Durr, an Alabama native and in remission from brain cancer. 

Durr stood on the side getting dozens of Alabama signatures. 

“I bought it so I could get signatures because I love the team and I want to remember this and I always want to remember this,” said Durr. 

On the Clemson side, one Make A Wish kid has big dreams that now seem to be a reality, to play college football.

“I watch them on TV almost every week but to see all of this person its awesome its amazing,” said Marvin Jacobs, a Make A Wish kid. 

“It’s unbelievable after everything he has been through to get away from all of it, it means a lot,” said Anthony Durr’s mom. 

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