This week we are checking in on the progress that Team Creekmore is making in their eCO Savings Race journey. The team shared how they are earning extra income and dealing with expenses from their son Joseph’s medical emergency. 

“I play soccer, and I’m the goalie. Somebody was running at me with a ball, and I dove out in front of their foot and kind of switched places with the ball,” Joseph said. 

“He played the rest of the game, but soon after that, we figured out that he had a concussion. He had to, of course, see a doctor and go through concussion protocol. He is all clear now and back playing goalie and enjoying himself,” said Carol. 

Jamie and Carol say that they were able to handle the unexpected medical expenses because of their improved financial picture. 

 “Cutting back on all of our expenses, knowing where every dollar is going, and not having to use every single dollar to cover expenses, has given us several hundred dollars at the end of every month. We can put that money towards debt if we do not have a concussion or something major come up. We are taking on a lot of extra jobs which helps pad everything too,” Carol said. 

“I’m currently in the middle of softball season which pays a little bit of a supplement. Also, I’m teaching a young man who is not able to go to school right now through some very unfortunate circumstances, and I work with him about five hours a week,” Jamie said. 

Carol is also teaching extra hours in an after-school program.

eCO take away:

As you make your monthly budget and give every dollar a name, do you find yourself in need of extra funds to meet your goals? Like Team Creekmore, you could look for ways to earn additional income doing things that you enjoy! Extra funds can help give you peace of mind, and they can come in handy when emergencies happen.

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