BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — First, they said it was a McDonald’s in Peoria, Illinois. Then, thousands on social media shared the same photos — this time allegedly taken inside a Charlotte, North Carolina location. Next, it was a Lakeland, Florida franchise, accused of filthy conditions and unacceptable behavior, including an employee smoking crack, all “evidenced” by the same, reused photos attached to the social media post.

Now, the misinformation has made its way to the Magic City, but the viral photos now purport to show unsanitary conditions inside the Roebuck McDonald’s. The photos, however, were not actually taken inside the Birmingham franchise.

The photos, posted by a Gadsden resident and shared over 15,000 times on Facebook alone, are the same pictures shared thousands of times in Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, and other states, all allegedly showing different restaurant locations.

“My Cuz just sent me this but wishes to remain anonymous,” the local poster said. “Dis from Roebuck McDonald’s Birmingham smh.”

The post followed a formula used by others across the country when localizing the misleading post.

“My cousin was scared to post it but I told her I would,” a second individual posted on social media in September, sharing the same photos.

CBS 42 reached out to the individual who posted the photos referencing the Roebuck McDonald’s but hasn’t yet heard back.

The Roebuck McDonald’s franchise was acquired by Alabama native Larry Thornton in 2020, according to his website. Thornton, who grew up in Montgomery and holds a degree from Alabama State University, was the first African-American President of The Club in Birmingham.

The Roebuck McDonald’s received a 91 during its most recent health inspection in October, according to the Jefferson County Department of Health.

A representative of the health department called the photos circulating on social media “dubious.”

“We have investigated and found no justification for the complaint,” a JCDH spokesperson said in a statement to CBS 42.

McDonald’s corporate office refused to comment on this story.