BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Gerald Allen was out with friends over the weekend when he saw a video on his phone about a fight that had broken out among several people at Montgomery’s Riverfront Park.

Allen, a Detroit-based rapper known by his stage name Gmac Cash, knew from watching the video that there was a song there, from one person swimming toward the fight to a man using a folding chair as a weapon. Luckily for him, so did his fans.

“I was getting a thousand DMs to do a song about it,” Allen said.

By Monday, Allen had released “Montgomery Brawl,” which runs over a minute and a half long with the refrain “Montgomery Brawl” repeated throughout.

“Cuz came out the water like ‘Let’s get it cracking.’ Unc came with the chair like ‘I got some action,'” Allen raps in the song.

Over the last few years, Allen has gone viral for comedic songs he has released on things happening in the news.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he released “Coronavirus,” which currently has over 4 million views on YouTube.

Then, his song “Giant Slide” about mishaps on the Belle Island slide in Detroit, got even more attention when late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel invited Allen on his show to perform the song, accompanied by a video of people going down the slide.

“That’s basically what I do,” Allen said. “I do music on things that is happening around the world.”

Allen said that in coming up with the song, which he said took only 20 minutes to write, he was amazed by how much was going on in the video.

“There’s just so much to pinpoint off one video,” he said.

Allen said what really stood out to him about the video was how many people came to help the security guard being hit in the video.

“The best part about it was it was finally good to see our people come together in unity,” he said. “We’re always standing around watching, so it was good to see people help one another.”

In the days since the fight, the Montgomery Police Department has issued arrest warrants for Richard Roberts, Allen Todd and Zachary Simpson, all of whom are charged with third-degree assault.

The song, now available on Spotify, has already received thousands of plays online.

“I’m always surprised with my songs because I have no idea what they’re going to do,” Allen said. “This might be one of my top ones.”

Allen said he plans to make film a music video for “Montgomery Brawl” and would like to be able to come to Alabama to perform the song in Montgomery.