BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Police have released the full 911 call Carlee Russell made before she disappeared for two days last week.

During a press conference Wednesday, Hoover Police Chief Nicholas Derzis played the 911 Russell made to police at 9:34 p.m. July 13, where she reported having seen a toddler walking along I-459 near Exit 10 in Hoover. According to Derzis, this was the only call police received that night of a child walking along the road.

Read the full transcript of the 911 call in its entirety here:

Carlee Russell: Hi, I am on Interstate 459 and there is a kid walking by their self.

Dispatcher: Hold on hold on, where are you now? [inaudible]

Russell: Um, um, I’m right next to the exit, exit 10 by the Hoover Met, like getting off by the Hoover Met.

Dispatcher: OK, so you’re before that exit?

Russell: Yes.

Dispatcher: OK, and you’re heading southbound?

Russell: Uh huh, south.

Dispatcher: OK, heading towards Tuscaloosa or 280?

Russell: Towards Tuscaloosa.

Dispatcher: OK and was the child on the left or right side?

Russell: On the right side.

Dispatcher: Were they walking northbound or southbound?

Russell: Uh, they’re walking towards Tuscaloosa.

Dispatcher: Walking southbound. How old did they look?

Russell: Um, like a toddler, like maybe three or four?

Dispatcher: Did you pull over with them? Are you still with them?

Russell: Yes.

Dispatcher: OK. Are you with the child right now?

Russell: No, I’m not. I didn’t get out of the car. I can see them, though.

Dispatcher: Can you, do you mind staying and keeping an eye on them until we get there?

Russell: Yeah. Yeah, sure yeah.

Dispatcher: OK, and what kind of car are you in?

Russell: I’m in a red Mercedes-Benz.

Dispatcher: Is it a sedan or SUV?

Russell: SUV. I mean, it’s a sedan. Sorry.

Dispatcher: Can you put your hazards on for me?

Russell: Yeah, they’re on.

Dispatcher: OK. Did you talk to the child at all? Or did you say anything to them?

Russell: No, no.

Dispatcher: OK, do they look like they’re injured?

Russell: No, they don’t.

Dispatcher: [inaudible]

Russell: They’re white.

Dispatcher: Is it a male or female?

Russell: I think it’s a boy, a little boy.

Dispatcher: White male, OK. Is he wearing clothes?

Russell: Yes.

Dispatcher: OK, what is he wearing?

Russell: It’s a white T-shirt, and it doesn’t look like he has any pants on. It looks like a diaper.

Dispatcher: You don’t see any cars anywhere?

Russell: No, no cars anywhere.

Dispatcher: OK. Alright. What’s your name?

Russell: My name is Carlee Russell.

Dispatcher: And you don’t see any injuries on the child from where you’re at, correct?

Russell: No, no, but I can’t really see them that good.

Dispatcher: OK, try to keep an eye on them for the best that you can because I don’t want you to lose track of them.

Russell: OK.

Dispatcher: Alright, and does he have any shoes on?

Russell: No, not that I can see. I can’t really see that far.

Dispatcher: OK, I’ve got them on the way, OK? Just try to stay and keep an eye on them but the officers are on the way, OK?

Russell: OK. Thanks.

Dispatcher: Thank you.

Russell: OK, bye.