BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — For many, getting gas for your vehicle is taking a bite out of your wallet.

Currently, the national average is $4.37 per gallon, while the state average is $4.12 per gallon. AAA spokesperson Clay Ingram says that’s four cents away from the high in March.

Ingram says the high prices are due to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

The high prices are even making some drivers reevaluate their budget.

“There are senior citizens on fixed income that only have so much money to live off of, and with the gas prices and inflation to come it’s a real financial crisis out there,” driver Jim Tinker said.

Ingram says he doesn’t expect prices to reach five dollars, but expect an increase for Memorial Day.

He says the best way to save money at the pump is to price shop.

“It’s very important because it kind of creates some competition in the marketplace out there, among the gas stations, and then they will have to compete for our business by dropping their prices if we prove to them that we’re buying the lowest price gas out there,” Ingram said.