Is your car ready for winter?

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ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – People across the Midstate awoke Monday to find frost on their windshields and temperatures in the 20’s.

Dwain Goretzke, the owner of ASAP Auto Repair Center in Elizabethtown, said now is the time to start thinking about your car’s winter maintenance. He said it’s important to have a full tank of windshield wiper fluid as we head into colder weather.

Goertzke said people could save money by buying a small bottle of concentrate and mixing it with water.

“It’s alcohol,” he said. “You are using alcohol to lower your freeze point.”

Goretzke said the most important thing to check is your battery.

“When the temperatures go down, your battery’s ability to start the vehicle goes down,” he said.

Goretzke recommends replacing your battery every five years. He said there’s a sticker on every battery case that indicates its age.

The mechanic also says now is the time to check tire pressure.

“When the weather gets cold, your tires naturally lose air pressure,” he said. “You are going to have to build that back up again.”

Goretzke said the final thing that needs to be checked is antifreeze. He suggested that it should be replaced every three years.

“As antifreeze gets dirty, you can clog your heater core,” he said. “When you clog your heater core, of course, your heater is not going to work as good. You want to make sure the system is clean.”

Goretzke said the antifreeze is something your mechanic should be able to check for free.

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