One Class at a Time: Southside High School

One Class at a Time

(WIAT) — Jason Russell teaches ninth and twelfth grade biology at Southside High School, and his classes are very hands-on.

“I like them to be engaged. I want them to be learning,” says Russell. “Because, I believe that, as a freshman, I’m teaching them to be ready for 10th grade. As seniors, I’m teaching them to be ready for college.”

Russell likes for his students to understand how the lessons they’re learning now could someday apply to real-world problems, “like Coronavirus or the common flu…or how medication resistance takes place.”

And that takes money. So we surprised Mr. Russell with a $1,000 “One Class at a Time” grant to help buy the materials he needs. Now, his students can look forward to even more exciting discoveries.

“I’d like to thank CBS 42, thank McDonald’s, and thank eCO Credit Union for supporting classrooms, for supporting students, for supporting our local schools,” said Russell. “Because without them, we couldn’t do what we do.”


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