One Class at a Time: Minor Community School

One Class at a Time

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — One central Alabama music teacher is making plans to spend $1,000 to enrich his student’s curricular. 

Music teacher, Justin Finch, at Minor Community School enjoys seeing his students feel the same excitement he has for singing and music. He says that music can have some additional benefits beyond just enjoyment though.

“We know that test scores go up from students who participate in music,” Finch said. 

And he wants to make sure every student at the school has access to an instrument. 

“It’s a pretty good size school and we don’t really have enough instruments for the students to play on,” Finch told CBS 42. 

To help this music teacher reach his goal, CBS 42 surprised him with a $1,000 One Class at a Time grant powered by eCo Credit Union. 

Finch says this money will go toward maintenance of the instruments that they already have and purchasing new ones.

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