One Class at a Time: Hueytown Middle School

One Class at a Time

HUEYTOWN, Ala. (WIAT) — These students are studying density. It’s part of the physical science class at Hueytown Middle School. Their teacher, Natasha Glaster also teaches life science. In that class, students use microscopes to explore a world not visible to the naked eye.

“We just looked at Spyro gyra. We looked at Elodea leaves and we looked at some human cells…under the microscope,” said Glaster.

But her class only has a limited number of microscopes.

“We only have four, so it was time consuming. We had to borrow some microscopes this year. So if I could purchase some of those, that would help them with learning,” said Glaster. 

And that’s why we surprised Glaster with a $1,000 “One Class at a Time” grant.

So now, her students can look forward to even more microscopic discoveries.

“Thank you CBS 42 and eCO Credit Union,” said Glaster. 

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