One Class at a Time: Epic School-Birmingham

One Class at a Time

One central Alabama teacher wants to spread her love for reading.

Rubie Moore is a librarian at Epic School in Birmingham and her profession fits her perfectly.

“I love to read and I love to encourage students to just want to desire to have more knowledge,” Moore said. 

More enjoys having all her students engage in the lessons so she wants to purchase supplies to help make the library more accessible for her students with special needs. 

“Our hearing impaired, our children who have different types of learning styles , so we wanted to find some technology and some other manipulatives that  help those children engage with the library,” Moore said. 

That’s why CBS 42 surprised Ms. Moore with a ‘One Class at a Time’ $1,000 grant powered by eCo Credit Union. 

“I’m prayerful that these particular items will allow these students to get a better experience when they come in here and also feel the same type of joy that our other students experience when they come to the Media Center.,” Moore said. 

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