One Class at a Time: Carbon Hill Elementary School

One Class at a Time

CARBON HILL, Ala. (WIAT) — A big congratulations this morning to Leann Walker! Walker is this week’s recipient of a One Class At a Time grant.  CBS 42 Anchor Michelle Logan had the pleasure of presenting Walker with the grant, and she says she plans to use it to make sure none of her students are left behind.

Having computer technology in the classroom can give teachers many more tools to help their students learn.

Leann Walker, a third-grade teacher, said, “I really like to use it to enhance the one-to-one experience in third grade.”
Walker teaches at Carbon Hill Elementary and her students use computers for a number of lessons.

Walker explained, “We use it for Google classroom and making Google slideshows. I really feel like it helps everyone be interactive.”

But most days, there are not enough computers to go around.

Walker said, “So the other days, we just kind of have to share and make do with what we can.”
So CBS 42 surprised Walker with a check so she can buy more computers for her classroom. What’s next for this bright group of third graders?

Walker explained, “Hopefully after I spend the grant money I just received, everyone will have a chance to have their own computer.” 

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