Minor High School Teacher wins $1,000 ‘One Class at a Time’ grant!

One Class at a Time

Through our One Class at a Time program, CBS 42, and your Birmingham area McDonald’s, are proud to present local teachers with one thousand-dollar grants. Money they can use for classroom supplies, technology and equipment. And even though we can’t present the checks in person right now, because of social distancing, we still want teachers to get the grants that they deserve.

This week, the CBS 42 One Class at a Time grant recipient is Mr. Juan Rodriquez, a Law Enforcement Career Technical Instructor at Minor High School. Mr. Rodriquez’s program prepares students for potential jobs in law enforcement, firefighting, law, and multiple public safety service jobs. That’s why he would like to use HIS grant to purchase equipment for the class’s workout room. He would also like to purchase equipment that would make training as realistic as possible. Congratulations Mr. Rodriquez…from CBS 42, and your Forestdale McDonald’s owner/operator Jamie Black. Together, we’re giving back to the community, supporting our local schools and making a difference One Class at a Time.

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