One-on-one with Nick Saban impersonator Joey Mulinaro

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Around Thanksgiving in 2019, Joey Mulinaro tested out a new impression that would ultimately change his life.

“I hadn’t done Nick Saban yet,” Mulinaro said. “And I just thought it would be funny to put him in a scenario in the kitchen on Thanksgiving night with Miss Terry. I called her Mrs. Saban at the time, and I very quickly became aware that it is not Mrs. Saban — it’s Miss Terry.”

The video attracted millions of views across several social media platforms — and launched a career in the process.

“It took off and got me some followers and put me on the map a little bit,” Mulinaro said. “From there, I have developed and grown with characters and new people to impersonate. But Coach Saban’s always going to be one that people enjoy. It’s going to be one that’s always near and dear to me.”

Mulinaro’s growing roster of impressions has helped him amass hundreds of thousands of social media followers, including Saban’s daughter, Kristen — a connection that could eventually allow Mulinaro to meet the man he’s become famous for impersonating.

“I honestly hope that he doesn’t ever see the videos.”

Watch our full conversation with Joey Mulinaro of Barstool Sports (starting with a Q&A with “Coach Saban”) in the video player above. Follow Joey on Twitter @JoeyMulinaro.

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