This Living Local segment is sponsored by Jimmie Hale Mission

Birmingham, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local)- Michael Coleman began serving as the Executive Director of The Jimmie Hale Mission in November 2019. He felt led to help those trapped in homelessness and addiction to become self-sufficient and productive citizens. 

When he first started, he felt specific challenges needed quick action. Some people at the mission were in recovery, and some were just overnight guests.  

“I decided to pour into those who wanted to change their lives and made sure that we emphasize quality over quantity. This would ensure we had the absolute best, most dynamic, most successful program,” Coleman said. 

Relationships, he emphasized, are the foundation of the program. 

“You have to develop a trusting relationship with those you hope to have a lasting effect on,” Coleman said.  “After serving in the army for 21 years, I went full-time in a ministry with the idea of wanting to change lives. What I came to learn is that lives cannot be changed without developing a true relationship with those that you’re trying to help.” 

The mission focuses on five areas to help those they serve to live the most fulfilling life possible;

physical, spiritual, social, mental, and vocational health.

“We’re able to help them move forward in a way that they don’t have to resort to medicating themselves with alcohol and drugs,” said Coleman. 

Coleman asks anyone curious about the new and improved program to schedule a tour and see why transformation begins with The Jimmie Hale mission.