The following CBS 42 Living Local Feature Segment is sponsored by Profiles by Sanford

Birmingham, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) – Profile by Sanford’s Mom Protocol provides enough nutrients for both mom and baby to have a healthy pregnancy. Not only does Profile by Sanford help with keeping you and your baby healthy, Profile helps you lose the unwanted baby weight post pregnancy.

Jennifer lost 52 pounds after her pregnancy.

 “After we got married, I had put on a little bit of weight, probably 25 to 30 pounds. So, I was getting to that point where I wasn’t happy with my body. I tried exercising and wasn’t very consistent. When I was pregnant, I made a goal for myself that afterwards I really was going to try to get to a place where I felt better for me and to be healthy,” said Profile by Sanford client, Jennifer Logan.

The Profile by Sanford Coaching is tailored to fit specific needs of each member, to help with their meal planning.

“The cool thing about Profile is our coaches. That’s really what we feel the key to success is. Our members can come in for the year, and they have unlimited coaching with us. We sit down and help keep them be accountable.  We help them re-arrange their meal plan and talk about how their week was. We calculate their weight gain throughout pregnancy through their BMI, and their calorie intake through their activity level and intensity level,” says Profile by Sanford Coach, Faith.

“It’s really important throughout the pregnancy that they’re getting the correct nutrients and vitamins,” Faith says.

Jennifer’s results encouraged her husband to start the meal plan with her, and says his results speak for themselves.

“You put forth that extra effort because you have that accountability part. But just for a guy that’s doing a diet, I mean, those two things don’t really go together sometimes. And I think for anybody on the go, they make it easy for you. As you progress, you go from losing a ton of weight to maintaining that or striving to get healthy. I think the results speak for themselves, that’s why it motivates you to keep going,” says Profile by Sanford Client, Daniel Logan.

Whether its five pounds or fifty pounds, Profile by Sanford can help you wherever you are in your weightless journey! To find out more about Profile by Sanford and their meal plans, visit their Vestavia Hills location, or go to Profiles by Sanford.