The Foundry Ministries fund valuable services and resources for the community

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FAIRFIELD, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) – The Foundry Superthrift Outlet in Fairfield is home to a massive donation, shopping, and recycling operation – one of three thrift store locations in North and Central Alabama. 

The thrift stores serve to score great bargains and find unique items while also funding a valuable service and resource for our community.  

Ralph McCracken is the Distribution Center General Manager. What’s special about McCracken is that he understands, first hand, how addiction impacts live.

At 35 years old, McCraken started drinking, casually, while in seminary school. Before long, alcohol became a serious addiction. 

“I am the guy I never thought would be in recovery. I would have at no point in my life anticipated that I would end up in rehab,” McCracken said. 

His life reached a positive turning point when he was arrested for public intoxication and spent nine days in jail. 

“My wife wouldn’t come get me out. She told me, ‘if you’re there, I know where you are,’” said McCraken. “When I woke up that fourth day, I sat up on the side of my bed and said, ‘OK, God, I hear you.’ And for the first time in a long time, I heard God back. I heard him say; I have been waiting. And it was at that moment that I felt a weight lifted off me that I can’t even describe.

I still needed help not to drink. I still needed help getting back into that daily routine.”

A daily routine, responsibilities, and opportunities to make it through a hard day without drugs or alcohol are some of the life-changing benefits these jobs provide.

“I’m able to say, ‘listen, I understand because I slept in those same beds. I ate that food. I had to ride that same bus. I did all those things, and yet here I am. This is what God can do,’ McCracken said. “My story touching so many lives, I wouldn’t change it. I tell the guys around here that the Foundry gives you two things: time and space. I believe that it is too small a goal to live your life not to be a drunk. Or to live your life not to be a drug addict. That’s too small a goal. The goal should be to live out my life as God wants me to.”

Every day, the Foundry Ministries work to help people find their footing and flourish as they discover a higher purpose for their lives.  You can be part of a success story like McCracken’s!  A $499 donation covers a program intake fee. 

“There are no monthly expenses that they pay. Everything Is provided,” McCracken said. 

Everything! Including; meals, education, counseling, housing, spiritual needs, legal needs, health needs, and more. Program participants stay with The Foundry for as long as a year. Both the participants and the ministry are committed to a life-long aftercare partnership. For more information on ways you can support this ministry, visit the Every dollar and donation helps.

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