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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) – At 35-years-old, Steve Suns is officially a pilot. He passed his final flying exam in early March of 2021. His journey to reach his goal was not always smooth.

“I always wanted not only to learn how to fly but just be around it. I didn’t know what that looked like because my life had taken such a dark turn for so long,” said Suns, who struggled with serious drug addiction for a little over a decade.

“I abused anything to the point of it nearly killing me,” Suns said.

Years of turbulence from drug abuse made his childhood dreams of flying feel out of reach.

“I knew I had a problem, but I didn’t know to what extent. The day before I walked into The Foundry, I woke up in my car with paramedics standing over me. They just hit me with a Narcan to wake me up because I was laying there dead in my car of a drug overdose,” said Suns.

With help from a year-long recovery program with The Foundry Ministries, Suns was given runway for a fresh start at 26-years-old.

“Because I had almost a decade-long drug addiction, going somewhere for a month was really not enough time for me. The Foundry gave me a place to just be for a year and not focus on anything but myself.

 After graduating from the recovery program, Suns joined The Foundry staff.

Suns says he believes that “life change happens in the context of relationships.

When you get around people that care about you and will love you for who you are, and kind of walk you through what life can look like, it changes the picture for a lot of drug addicts.”

Suns started going to church and even got connected, leading a small group at the ministry. That’s where he met his wife, Brandy Suns.

“Then I started dreaming a little bit,” said Suns. “I started remembering the things I wanted to do as a kid. What’s my passion? What am I going to be good at? Where am I going to make an impact? In recovery, the secret to it is being able to help somebody else. That’s the missing piece is gratitude and being able to help somebody.”

Suns hopes at least one person struggling with addiction hears his story and knows they are not alone. He also plans to continue supporting The Foundry, the place that gave him a second chance at life.

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