BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — In this week’s eCO Savings Race, we check on Team Deal and Team Hines as they make their final list and check off their goals.

Roni and Alex Deal say that it pays to be organized with finances. “It’s better to start at the beginning and buy the things I can afford or else you’ll be behind the eight ball forever,” said Alex.

According to their coach, working off debt is a gradual and consistent process, but he knows the Deals want this to be a lifestyle change to grow from.

Roni says, “Stay focused. Discipline is huge. It’s a commitment. Commit to it, and see it through.”

Meanwhile, Team Hines tells us taking the first step is vital in reviving a bank account.

Sarah said, “I think the most important thing and that helped us the most is starting that budget and cash flow plan, and then talking about it. That’s been a major change.”

Sarah and Jeff believe that making budgeting a team effort makes it easier to accomplish their goals.

Jeff said, “If you normally don’t look at the budget or your wife does everything financially, get involved. You can’t really speak on anything until you know what’s going on. Communication.”

Both teams are making big steps towards their efforts truly paying off.

You can learn from each team in the eCO Savings Race or participate in Savings Race University.

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