BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Sarah and Jeff Hines are focusing on making frugal choices.

“If you think you need something but you can’t pay cash for it and the only way to pay for it is by putting it on a credit card, you probably don’t need it,” they said. “You’re determining what’s a priority in your life, and just think about all the things you’re going to gain by these choices you’re making in your life.

They say the key is focusing on the positive.

The coach for Team Hines says this is a great path to follow to continue their success.

“They’re really making a sustainable change to their finances to really make a life change through this whole process,” said Jamie Witte.

The Hines say by focusing on small choices daily, it’s been making a difference in their lives long term.

And it’s also keeping them on track for a successful budget.

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