eCO Savings Race: Team Deal update

The eCO Savings Race, Third Edition

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – The new year means pushing forward with meeting their goals, and the Deal family is ringing in 2015 frugally.

They’ve knocked out consumer debt, an emergency fund and have transferred a loan. They plan to keep selling stuff online and plan on paying down car loans.

Their financial coach says small alterations to their sending is helping them stay on track.

“The deals are still working on not eating out,” said Jeff Jones, “which is a big commitment for them and something that’s hard for a lot of people. So, they’re doing great with that.”

“They have paid off a lot of debt so far in the eCO Savings Race,” said Melissa Reeves.

The debt snowball is rolling after a conscious Christmas budget.

“We saved that money and we put that money onto our debt snowball. So, that helped us come in under budget,” said Roni Deal.

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