This week we have an update for Team Sproule. For years Melissa, Bobby, and their 9 year old son, Ethan, have dreamed about adopting a baby.   On December 6th 2017, the Sproule’s lives changed forever when they brought their new baby boy home.  

“That dream has become a reality and we are looking at ways that we can save. But we have to be even more aware of what we’re spending because that additional expenses is here,” Bobby said.

Luckily, big brother Ethan is helping with baby Noah and even helping by saving his money

“I hold him, I put him in the swing under supervision, and I feed him. I have jars that are tithe, save, and spend.  If I have nine dollars, I put three in tithe, three into spend and three in to save,” Ethan said.

While the Sproule’s monitor their spending, the family also has a big savings goal

“Everything that we are saving is going towards paying off the remainder of the adoption fees,” Melissa said.

In the meantime, both Bobby and Melissa are thankful for their financial peace education because it has brought a sense of peace to their growing family.   

“When you have that part of your relationship settled, you were able to enjoy everything that’s around you,” said Bobby.

Today’s eCO Takeaway Tip could help your family balance saving, spending and your family’s overall happiness:

Take time to write down your goals and a timeline to accomplish them.

Whether you want to pay cash for a family vacation, plan for retirement, or save up for a short-term purpose, having your goals in front of you will help you make wise decisions about when to save and spend. Like the Sproules, working together to achieve your goals can also help keep you motivated and excited, even when making sacrifices.

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