eCo Savings Race: McCord family update

The eCO Savings Race, Fourth Edition
Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

(WIAT) — Pierce and Brooke McCord have discovered that emotions can play a big part in spending habits.

Brooke said, “We recently went to Pensacola for the weekend….to spend time with our friends. Pierce called it “the frugal Florida trip”.

Brooke said the pair only spent about $15 on food, and they paid for their gas.

But the couple was faced with making an emotional purchase. Brooke said, “We actually went to an antique mall…and they had a little outfit there..”

Pierce said, “It’s like a first birthday outfit for McKenzie.”  But Brooke said it was an outfit that she’d only wear one time, on her first birthday.

Pierce said, “Now, if you’ve been following us…the one expenditure that we have is buying clothes for McKenzie. So, she pulls out this outfit. It’s all glittery and has the big one on it…a little tutu and everything. It’s super adorable. And she gives me that look…And I just looked at her and I had to be like…no honey, it’s not in the budget.”

Brooke said Pierce was very rational about it. Pierce said, “It’s $35 dollars for a one year old’s outfit. It just doesn’t make sense.”

So they put the outfit back, and Brooke will make one for her daughter instead.

Brooke said, “It was a very tough decision, but I also realized …that I don’t have to pay $35 for an outfit for her to look cute…It’s always an emotional feeling when you’re shopping, and you definitely have to learn to control those emotions…and really think it out. Do you really need that? Or is it just a want?”

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