eCo Savings Race: Kennedy family update

The eCO Savings Race, Fourth Edition
Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

(WIAT) — It’s a month after Christmas, and many people are facing a mountain of holiday debt. For Tres and Erin Kennedy, this Christmas was very special because it was their first Christmas married.

Erin said, “It was a lot of fun. A lot of family time. A lot of going here and there.”

And, as a new family, it was also a time for starting new traditions.

Tres said, “She has her family traditions. I have my family traditions. Now we get to make some together.”

One tradition they’ve both agreed on was sending a budget for Christmas gifts.

Tres said, “We put a plan together in October on how much money we were going to spend on people at Christmas.”

Erin said, “We kind of said…hey, this person is getting this amount for their gift…and came up with a very…like a big total of what we needed.”

Tres said they saved the money by Thanksgiving, so they were able to buy Christmas gifts.

The couple successfully created a Christmas budget and stuck to it.

Erin said, “Yeah, it was really a stress free Christmas. It was nice.”

Tres said, “We didn’t have to worry. We didn’t have to think…oh gosh, I’m going to have to work some extra hours so I can make Christmas happen this year.”

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