BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Community) — Randle and Kenyonia Wright are determined to become debt free.

One look inside their home and you’ll see that most of their furniture and nonessentials have been sold to help eliminate their debt.

Now, as finalists in the 5th edition of the eCO savings race, the couple are more determined than ever.

“God knows those things that we need right now. God knows that we have sacrificed almost everything to crawl out of this,” Kenyonia Wright said. “He sees we have just given up everything. We are down to the bare minimum. So, we are doing our budget to a bare minimum as well.”

Those sacrifices are even felt when it comes to the Wright’s drinking water!

“I told my wife the other day that it’s hard for me to drink regular water so I said I was going to buy some flavored water,” Randle said. “Until I went to the store. It was like $6 a case and I said, ‘I’ll be alright.'”

When the team found out they had made it to the final three, they were so excited.

“I still couldn’t believe it. I was on the phone and I said guys I have to go, cause I have to cry because I can’t believe it,” Kenyonia said.

“I want to finish up strong. I really want to get out of debt. I want to be debt-free,” Randle said. “I would like to bring that to the table. Even if we don’t win the $10,000, I would just like to say we are debt-free and we did it!”

Kenyonia says she believes they will conquer using their strategies combined with budgeting and prayer.

This week’s eCO Takeaway Tip could help you conquer some of your own financial hurdles:

One way Team Wright is keeping their budget and savings plans in order is through eCO Club accounts. At eCO, you can have multiple savings accounts for anything from a future car or home repairs to Christmas. Club accounts keep you organized and on track to meet your goals, while also earning interest.

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