ēCo Savings Race: Kennedy family update

The eCO Savings Race
Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Tres and Erin Kennedy say that everything they’ve learned throughout the savings race has prepared them for the future.

“We really do believe in the principles that we’ve been taught and we want to accomplish as many of these steps as possible,” Tres said. The couple started with baby step number one.

“Baby step number one is having $1000 as an emergency fund…so..we have that,” Erin said. They’ve accomplished baby step number two, which is paying off all of their debt.

“Yeah…we are super excited that we’re debt free,” Tres said. Even as the couple is preparing to buy their first home, they already have their sights set on their long term goals.

“After we look at buying a house we would like to end up saving the three to six months. Which I think is the third baby step,” Erin said.

“So…if something were to happen drastically, “ Tres said, “We don’t have to again go into any sort of debt or borrow any sort of money to make ends meet.” Erin says that would give them a greater peace about the future.

“We won’t be as stressed out because we’ll have that kind of…to fall back on.to that cushion there,” she said.

And Tres agrees.

“Knowing that when life happens. And life does happen, .and things and situations do come up…to know that you’re ready for them. And to know that you still have that peace…um…that’s worth it in itself,” he said.

Life may be full of surprises but the Kennedys are creating a solid foundation to help them weather just about any storm. Follow all of the teams and vote for your favorite HERE.

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