ēCo Savings Race: Gaydosh family update

The eCO Savings Race
Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Sometimes, working with a budget can be a little more complicated than you would expect.

As a family of six, the Gaydoshes have a lot on their plate.

Jacob is a high school math teacher and wrestling coach. Molly is a flight attendant. Together, they’re raising four children in the midst of a busy lifestyle. And yet, the couple is committed to having a realistic budget that they can stick to.

“One of our goals is to have a budget and stick to it. Which, we have a budget but just figuring out the kinks here and there has been difficult for us,” Molly said.

One challenge to balancing their budget has been with Molly’s unpredictable work schedule which can affect the family’s income and their monthly expenses.

“With her income not being the same every month depending on how many hours she works, it adjusts,” Jacob said.

“It’s hard with my job. Because I might work 40 hours one month and I might work 60 or, you know 70 the next month. And so that’s a big difference in pay for us,” Molly said.

As her schedule varies, so do the expenses for a baby sitter.

“One month, if she works we’ll need a babysitter. One month if she can fly on weekends and I’m not in season, I can watch the kids, and that money doesn’t have to be used,” Jacob said.

But Jacob says, that overall, he’s pleased with what they’ve been able to accomplish so far in the savings race.

“I think we’re doing well. We’re paying some debt down….savings some money,” Jacob said.

For Molly, it’s about growing as a couple.

“It’s just really gotten Jacob and I on the same page. And it’s gotten us focused,” she said.

Learning, growing and saving: for the Gaydoshes, it’s all about a better financial future for their family. Follow all the teams and vote for your favorite HERE.

Follow all of the teams and vote for your favorite HERE.

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