Chelsea Community Center hosts summer camp to teach kids filmmaking

Summer Series

CHELSEA, Ala. (WIAT) — Are your kids always on their cellphones or tablets?

At the film camp hosted in the Chelsea Community Center, they can justify their obsession with technology by using it to tell stories through filmmaking.

Rachel Ivey, the coordinator of the film school says they already have what they need to start small businesses.

“Young people today have devices in their pockets in the form of tablets and mobile phones that have all the technology necessary to shoot, edit, and do special effects,” Ivey said. “Polished little films right there.”

At the film camp, students produce a film from an original script. They’re involved in every part of the process, down to the closing credits.

Ivey says the students learn everything from composition, to sound and lighting. She says they also learn apps that make using green screen and special effects easier.

The coordinator says children don’t always connect the dots between their posts on social media sites and filmmaking.

“They don’t always know that, you know what, I’ve got this interest in filmmaking,” Ivey said. “They may not realize that they have what they need at their disposal to be able to make these better films.”

Ivey says the skills students learn can also help them when they go back to school.

“When they’re at school, the teachers will assign things like book trailers and they’ll be able to make a book trailer and turn that in and get an extra good grade.”

The film camp is free and paid for by the summer reading program.

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