Sheriff Mark encourages students to report bullying

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This CBS 42 Living Local Feature Segment is sponsored by Jefferson County Sheriff – Mark Pettway.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) – Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway is passionate about stopping and preventing bullying. As this new school year begins, he visiting classrooms and talking about ways to prevent bullying before it starts.

“This year I want to make sure that kids have the opportunity to get into a classroom and learn and not be harassed. When their environment is set for them to learn without being harassed they flourish. And I want them to be great kids! Kids of excellence,” Pettway said.

Pettway encourages students to not be afraid to speak up, whether they witness bullying in person or on the internet.

“Bullying will not stop if you do not report it. It will only continue and get worse. If the students will go and talk to their teachers, or school resource officer, and provide that information to them – whether it’s through social media or written note, we need to have that information so that we can investigate any complaint that is in the classroom,” said Pettway.

Watch the attached video to see how local 4th and 5th graders feel about bullying. 
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