This Living Local segment is sponsored by Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure

Summer is officially here, and there’s no better way to cool off than at Alabama Splash Adventure in Bessemer. The amusement park is open until August 6th, then weekends only through Labor Day. 

“We are having a great year, and people love the park,” said owner Dan Koch. “It’s the most beautiful and happiest hundred acres on the planet.” 

Everywhere you turn, there’s a place to ride, slide, and relax. Currently, there are more than 26 different attractions, and the park is always expanding. 

“Behind all the things we build, we are still about people,” said Koch. “We are people serving people.”

It’s not just about the water, though. There are plenty of dry rides, including three rollercoasters, for you to have loads of fun in. As always, free Pepsi soft drinks, sunscreen, and parking are included.