The following CBS 42 Living Local Feature Segment is sponsored by Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) – After years of extensive market research, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea is rolling out four new brands into the marketplace. Soon you will see new logos and packaging everywhere coffee and tea is served.


“I think this rebranding gives us a platform so we can be consistent and pay homage to our traditions, and more importantly grow toward the changing climate that’s part of our dynamic industry,” said Bill Smith, Royal Cup Coffee & Tea CEO.



Prideland Coffee & Tea


Prideland is made for down-to-earth hardworking Americans. This line offers great taste and great value, without compromising on quality.


“If you’re the person that loves to have the biggest cup of coffee or the biggest cup of tea, but value is important, this brand and products in this portfolio will not let you down,” said Chief Marketing Officer, Anne Pritz.


Royal Cup Signature


Royal Cup Signature is everything the Royal Cup brand has come to represent for more than a century. The bold, bright yellow packaging represents the start of a new day and new opportunity. For a whimsical twist, The Royal Cup Lion is now drinking a cup of tea on the tea packaging.





ROAR is “liquid luxury.” It represents royalty and wears a bold royal hue on the packaging.


“In this line, you will find certified coffee, certified teas, single origin, rainforest alliance, organic… really anything and everything that is critical to the conscious consumer. If you’re interested in making an impact in the world, Roar is the brand for you,” Pritz said.


A monetary portion of every cup of ROAR consumed goes back to a charitable cause.


H.C. Valentine


H.C. Valentine has a sleek, updated logo. This coffee is harvested and roasted with coffee connoisseurs in mind.


“You will find H.C. Valentine coffee today at Michelin-starred restaurants and resorts across the country. What we’re doing is celebrating what this coffee truly is, and that is artisan coffee,” said Pritz.


During this rebranding process, Royal Cup embarked on an extensive research project that included 26 different cities across the country. 

“The most important aspect of this isn’t just understanding the (business-to-business) industries we serve,” said Pritz. “The decision-maker is the person that walks into your establishment. We wanted to make sure we had complete product portfolios with the right solutions for the industry segments that we serve.”


Royal Cup produces more than 60-million pounds of coffee every year. With the production efficiencies that are coming with this rebranding, Royal Cup hopes to be to produce more than 100-million pounds of coffee each year. The company has found produce line efficiencies in their operations, production, and procurement through this rebranding process.


 “I’m really excited to see these four brands come alive and where we can take them in the marketplace, serving our customers and really enhancing Royal Cup’s tradition in the marketplace,” Smith said.


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